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  • Hey everyone :), I am part of a beauty start up called Beauty Crush, we just launched few days ago. We work with beauty influencers and make up professionals to help them create their own make up products. Soon after we will open up the platform for everyone to be able to create their own makeup (with certified factories, no animal testing, paraben free). We'd love to know your thoughts on the idea, check out our website and let us know what you think. Thanks
  • Asian Bridal Looks

    Indian / Asian bridal makeup and hairstyles and courses. how to create certain looks and how to choose correct course.
  • blog name: Skin Twinkle: URL: Topics:A blog dedicated to bringing you beauty tips, makeup tutorials, product reviews, style inspiration, healthy tips and the latest beauty news.
  • Hello Everyone, This is Sophia and a beautician as a profession. Living in Pak, and running my own business... For more Details you can read here:
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