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Non-drying, non-irritating face powder

I have a two part question.  First, a bit of background.  I have recently discovered that all of the face powders in my collection that are marketed as "powder foundations" irritate my skin and aggravate my rosacea if I wear them daily.  I switched back to an old favorite finishing powder (lighter weight than a powder foundation) and it does not have any of these effects.  I wear it over a tinted sunscreen, so I really don't need the weight/coverage of a powder foundation anyway.

Question 1) Is there any ingredient typical of "powder foundations" that might dry or irritate my skin?  Something to make it adhere to your skin perhaps?  Or is it just that more product gets deposited in a powder foundation as opposed to a translucent powder?

Question 2) It appears my old favorite finishing powder has been discontinued.  It is of the pigmented variety, as opposed to "translucent" white, which I like.  It also gives a radiant effect, not totally flat/matte.  I'm guessing because of the mica.  Here are the ingredients.  What should I look for in a replacement when I run out of this one?


  • 1. I'm not aware of many powder ingredients that are inherently irritating. I know some people have an issue with bismuth oxychloride. 

    2. The ingredients in the Sunday product look pretty standard. The Nylon 12 is somewhat less common and it acts like little ball bearings to give the powder slip. You might look for that. 
  • I would agree with RandyS that powder ingredients has nothing to do with skin irritations. It would be more likely that a person is allergic to it or has a skin type that is really sensitive to its chemical composition.
  • Thanks, Randy.  thanks, doozymail.  I'm wondering if I just find them drying.  Even with the Sunday Riley product, if I use it like 5 days in a row, I start to get rosacea bumps.  Frustrating.  And I do apply lightly.
  • I think I figured out my problem.  I THINK.  Don't want to go out on a limb.  I now wear a light moisturizer and a face primer beneath my other layers.  That seems to protect my skin from irritation and I can wear a powder foundation.
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