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How to get blush to go on over tinted sunscreen

I like wearing my tinted sunscreen as my only face base on my "light" makeup days, because it feels weightless and I forget I have it on.  It actually gives a reasonable finish.  The problem is, whether I powder over it or don't powder over it, blush deposits unevenly on top of it.  Any suggestions to help this problem?  Should I put a primer on first?  Or a primer over it, but before powder?  I really love the look of blush, but it bothers me when it doesn't lay down right.


  • I don't have any technical suggestions but hopefully one of our Forum members who is more hands on with these products will be able to help. 
  • Perhaps try a cream blush.  I use one with a foundation brush for better application control.

  • @ Sarah - maybe letting the sunscreen 'set' for a few minutes would help. I have found it helps makeup application enormously to set a timer for 10 minutes to give the sunscreen time to sink in fully. Probably just me, but it might be worth a try.  
  • Definitely worth a try, lindygirl.  My problem is I never leave myself 10 minutes:)  Lol.  Shouldn't even try to wear makeup because I rush everything so much.  And thanks for the suggestion, rungrace.  I have never been able to make cream blushes work for me.  Strangely enough, they don't show up at all.  I just keep applying and applying and nothing happens.  Again, I think the base I use isn't the best for makeup application.  But a cream blush with a powder blush layered over it might help.
  • I'm also trying a new blush brush.
  • @ Sarah - powder blush over cream blush definitely helps with the staying power (cream blushes don't last on me either). Your tinted sunscreen (wait for it to dry), then primer (again, wait for it to dry), then blusher might work.

    But if you keep adding steps and products you might as well go ahead and do full makeup because you aren't saving any time or having a light makeup day.   ;) 
  • Lol, true enough! :)  By the way, the new blush brush solved my problems, pretty much.  It's actually a flat top kabuki brush.  So you would think it would be even more uneven and crazy heavy-handed, but actually, it does the trick better than my skunk brushes or my fluffy powder brushes.  And it doesn't come out heavy, just perfect.  But yes, it did cost a fortune and it's from Nars.
  • I brush my tinted sunscreen with a mineral or rice powder - if it's a blush or bronzer day- theny help the powders brush on smoothly without "sticking" to one place.


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