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Relabeled salon products?

I've seen this picture floating around facebook with the caption: "This is why you do NOT buy product from TJ MAXX, ROSS or MARSHALS!!!
Only buy from your stylists, that's it." I'm thinking this is probably just something salons are spreading so people will buy these products from them at a higher price. Don't salons and mass retailers usually get their products from the same distributors? Both of these are Chi products so is this just a case of a company relabeling a bottle or is this something that people should be concerned about? 



  • My guess is that the company had too many cans decorated of the blue product so rather than destroy them and lose the value, they decided to have them relabeled and then used them for another product. 

    If it were TJ Maxx or any other third party labeling over one product with the label from another then the ingredient list would be wrong (as well as other information) which would be illegal. 
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