Fabric softener vs. essential oils

Slightly off beauty topic - I was wondering if for scenting laundry - not so much for softening purposes - i could skip fabric softener and us essential oil instead. I am using soapnuts, since those seem better for the environment than regular washing powder, but the nuts are unscented. Can in just pour a few drops in the softener container of my washing machine or do I need to use a solvent?
I'm curious!!


  • I don't know much about the mechanics of washing machines but I suppose it's possible that if the essential oils are too concentated they might not disperse evenly in the wash load. Then you'd get hot spots of fragrance. A solvent could "solve" that problem but I don't know the best one to use or how to get the proportions right. 

    Maybe experiment on some old towels until you get it right?  
  • im also use soap nut...thanks for your good post...
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