Period-after-opening symbol.

Hi RandyS 

I have a new hair care product that has the 12M symbol on the back. I know what this means and was wondering, do I literally only have 12 months to use this product after it has been opened? The product is stored in a opaque white plastic bottle and the lid looks to me like an integrated, non-removable pump. 

 Here's a photo of the bottle (from Google images) to show what I mean: 

 Thanks, Scott.


  • Hey Scott. The PAO is more of a guideline than anything else. Within a year there's little that will go wrong with a product like the one pictured. Hair care products are typically stability tested to last about 3 years, maybe more. 

    Of course if you notice any bad smells or see any bacterial growth, throw it away. 
  • Excellent, appreciate the reply. There's no way I'll use the entire bottle in 12 months so I'm glad to know that it might last longer.
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