Listerine brand vs. store brands

My husband insists that all name brand products are stronger, and better than store brands are. You have taught us that there is no difference, as long as the ingredients are the same, listed in the same order, and if noted, the % is also the same. He feels strongest about Listerine, and his dentist agrees with him. But at 5$ vs. 2$, I'm not ready to give in.
Does this matter in areas other than cosmetics?


  • Hey Vic. I compared the active ingredients in Listerine vs the Walgreens store brand. They are identical. 

    Eucalyptol (0.092%) , Menthol0.041 , Methyl Salicylate (0.060%) , Thymol (0.064%)

    The inactive ingredients are the same as well. Both products are "accepted" by the ADA. 

    Based on the chemistry, I'm hard pressed to see how your hubby's dentist says there's a difference in "strength." 

    I'll dig into this a little more. I also think it would make a great discussion for our podcast. Would you be interested in recording an audio version of your question? All you have to do is record yourself on your smart phone or computer and email it to me at 
  • Thanks for looking into this. I always try to compare ingredients when possible and some are easier than others. Some ingredients seem to have multiple names or multiple versions and it is difficult if you're not a chemist.

    Yes, I would be happy to submit this for your podcast. If I have a problem (I'm not tech-literate) I'll let you know.

    Thanks for your help!
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