Infrared Ultrasonic Hair Conditioning Tool

Hello Brains!
I've been trying to find different options for moisturizing my hair in the hopes that being moisturized will reduce the occurrence of single strand knots and increase the manageability of my thick, coily curly hair. In that search, I came across a product that looks suspiciously like a flat iron but says that it isn't. It is called the "Jose Eber Therapy Rx Conditioning Tool". It claims to work by way of infrared and ultrasonic waves to push a conditioning agents molecules into the hair cortex. This, if it works, sounds like something that would be a dream for protein treatments. My coils are anywhere from pen springs to midsize crochet hooks in diameter & sometimes I find that hair tools just aren't intended to deal with coils of that size or density. 
I really would like to try it but it sounds too good to be true.  What do you think?


  • I'm not aware of any such technology that can increase penetration of ingredients into hair. It does sound too good to be true!
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