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Penetrate hair with Coconut or Baobab oil but fast

Hello Beauty & the Brain,
I've read a lot on your site how much you like coconut oil, whenever I search on Google for "hair oil" or similar I always land on your site with results how good coconut oil is. :)

Anyway, I also ready that you like baobab oil and I made some research about that oil which seems to be great if you want to have an oil that really penetrates the hair but is lighter than coconut oil. I have typical light Scandinavian hair, and it's very dry, especially now under summer. I've read a lot about argan oil and there's a brand called Moroccanoil with a product called Moroccanoil Treatment. It seems good but after some research it seems Baobab oil penetrates the hair much more than argan oil. But it seems to take a lot of time, up to 15 hours.

With products like Moroccanoil Treatment it seems like the product is absorbed in seconds, but it doesn't really penetrate the hair. here you can read its ingredients:

My question is, is it somehow possible to absorb Baobab oil into hair as fast as a product such as Moroccanoil Treatment but penetrate the hair as good as baobab oil (or coconut oil)?


  • I now see that my autocorrect wrote "Beauty & the Brain", I meant to write BeautyBrains. And also it wrote "Baobab" which is wrong, it should be "Babassu"!
  • This product is mostly silicone. The oil is just there for show. And for what it's worth, we've never seen data showing anything penetrates better than coconut oil. 
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