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How long for key actives in skin care to 'set' in?

Hi - here is my question: 

Say I do my morning face routine around 7am(wash, layer on AHA/BHA, retinol, vit c, sunscreen) but no makeup, then around 11:30 or 12pm I work out- enough to get a good sweat up. I wear a headband to soak up sweat and keep it from running in to my face/eyes but occasionally will wipe my face, or spritz with a little cold water (if I'm outside, and its hot). The question is - 
 Is 3 -4 hours enough time for the actives in my a.m. skin routine to get to work? Or am I totally diminishing their effects with the workout? If that's the case I will just skip them on mornings I go to the gym and put in on later in the day. 

Thanks so much! 
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