What´s the meaning of an "α gel"?

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Before asking, I need to explain something: "lotion", in the Japanese market, usually means a very thin and transparent liquid (like a toner, not like a milky emulsion). 

Second explanation: in the Japanese market the cosmetic launches are often make in two steps: at first they publish to the media a release about a supposedly new technology or a new discovery. Some days, weeks, months or years after that they publish a release about a product that was born with the technology that appeared on the first release. Sometimes the first release is very technical - being difficult to be understand by the average consumer. 

Yesterday I read a release from a Japanese company telling they developed a new technology that forms an "α gel" even in a lotion of a very low viscosity. Despite the low viscosity, the new lotion supposedly retains moisture better even than a cream (with a non-stick sensation - thanks to the the "α gel" gel technique). 

So my question is: what´s the meaning of an "α gel"? They explained on the release, but my Japanese isn´t good. 


  • Never heard of anything like this in cosmetics but here's an industrial product with the same name. 

    Maybe they're trying to transfer the technology to skin products? I have no idea. 
  • pmapma
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    I don´t think so... I think it´s something related to this:

    But even after reading that I still don´t know the meaning...
  • Ah, I see. I have seen terms like this used to characterize different emulsion structures especially when liquid crystals are involved. 

    Honestly, I don't understand how it would help skin retain water better (which seems to be the primary benefit based on the description in your first email.) But I really don't know.
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