Retinol 1% or Vit C

I have heard great things about retinol A 1% cream and also about Vit C 20% serum. Also Co Q 10 oil and Niacinimide.
I own all and have been using retinol at night with Co Q10 around the eye area at night . 20% C & Niacinimide during the day.
1. Is one superior for anti aging purposes?
2. Can I use the both C & retainol at night, and niacinimide (B3 )in the day with sunscreen?
3. Also will adding a powder B3 opened capsule to a favourite cream be beneficial?
4. Will the C and retinol compliment or degrade each other layered together?
5. Is there a better combo for the B3 in this line up?
Many thanks for your advice.


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