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Can Iontophoresis enhance penetration of a Low pH Glycolic Acid formulation


Can you please tell me if a glycolic acid formulation with a pH of 2.8 can be used effectively with iontophoresis? I'm struggling to find any info and I'm unsure of the charge of the glycolic acid. Any light you may be able to shed on this would be appreciated.


  • I haven't seen any evidence that this would work. Glycolic acid works on the surface of skin anyway so I'm not sure why you'd want it to penetrate deeply. 
  • Thanks for the reply RandyS

    I was wondering if it would enhance the penetration therefore a deeper more even peel depth could be achieved, triggering the skins healing response and all the benefits that come along with that?  

    Im thinking of a 30% formula with a pH of 2.8 

    Thank you
  • Chemical peels can be very dangerous. I wouldn't recommend enhancing penetration. 
  • Thank you Randy for your communication. Could you please tell me what would be some of the dangers with glycolic? 
    My understanding of Glycolic Acid is that it is safe due to its metabolic action deacreasing electronegativity between corneodesmosomes. I understand that some dangerous keratolytic agents would be Phenol, salicylic or resourcinol with their caustic and toxic mechanism of action and I know they can be cardio toxic in large doses. I was unaware that there were dangerous risks with glycolic and I want to make sure I am not misusing them. 
  • If not used properly Glycolic acid can cause chemical burns. Here's one (long-winded) example:
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