Hee. Turbo Hydration Molecules!

I love Tigi products, and my latest conditioner (on subscribe and save) is their Urban Antidotes Recovery.  On 2nd large bottle.  It conditions well, and I like it. Plus their marketing speak right there on the bottle makes me smile in the shower:  

"Beneficial Ingredient:  Turbo Hydration Molecules Boost Softness and Shine."  Webster says "Turbo" is : coupled directly to a driving turbine <turbofan> 2 : consisting of or incorporating a turbine <turbojet engine>

Now that's some science!  WOW!


  • "Tigi Turbo" is also a nice bit of alliteration.  
  • I meant to say also that I love all of Tigi's tongue in cheek marketing stuff.  Like Dumb Blonde products (also love those):  "By Blonds For Blondes and all the colors in between!"  I am SURE that this description is as tongue in cheek as the rest of their stuff, but it sounds almost like one of the more "serious" claims.
  • TiGi is part of Unilever and their science based claims are typically pretty reasonable. The "Turbo" one is fanciful but not too outrageous.  
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