How long does it take for hair to become saturated with water?

Hi, I have found in the blog The Natural Haven this information: "It takes 15 minutes for hair to be saturated with water". The writer says the source is the book Chemical and Physical Behaviour of Human Hair, but I have this book here, and I can't find where that information is. Do you have any ideas about this subject?
(I'm brazilian, sorry for my English)


  • I've never heard of the 15 minute time frame. I have a copy of the book as well and I tried to find the reference and could not. (But I don't have time to re-read the entire book so I don't know.) 

    Perhaps you could go back to the Natural Haven and ask them for a more specific reference (chapter and page number?) 
  • Yeah, thanks. I'll do that, but it seems the blog is closed...
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