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Irritants that don't irritate

Paula Begoun claims that irritants (especially fragrances) can have a long-term negative effect even if they don't immediately seem to irritate your skin.  She compares it to eating junk food- it might not bother you immediately, but if you eat chips every day, it adds up to problems over time.  Do you agree, or do you think it is fine to use products with fragrances or other "irritating" ingredients as long as they don't seem to cause a problem?

By the way, THANK YOU for the blog/podcast/forum!  There is so much nonsense out there, and this is much appreciated!!


  • I've heard Paula say that but I haven't seen the evidence that would proof she's right. I'm skeptical on this one. 

    Glad you like the podcast! If you haven't already can you please write a review on iTunes for us? Thanks!
  • Thanks!  I'll definitely write a review :)
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