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Should I doubt brands that got low ratings in consumer reports testing of sunscreens?

So consumer reports tested sunscreens and found that some trusted brands, like eltaMD and banana boat, had some products that had poor UVA protection or didn't meet the claimed SPF after water exposure. They found that the vast majority of physical sunscreens didn't work as well as you'd expect. Methodology described here:
You have to have a subscription to see all their results but you can see some of them by googling around. 
A lot of companies like eltaMD responded by pointing out that other studies have validated their sunscreens and that the consumer reports test didn't use the FDA method. Here's an example of eltaMD's response: I don't think that the linked study discusses UVA protectivness though. 
Anyway, I was wondering whether these results should discourage me from using physical sunscreens or brands that had poor performing sunscreens.

Thanks for any answer. I really appreciate any time anyone puts into this.
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