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Should I believe that product contains 4% of blueberry and 30% of proxylane?


  • These concentrations make no sense provided the ingredient list is correct. The Pro-Xylane is the 4th ingredient. (Water, PG, dimethicone, pro-xylane.) Since ingredients have to be listed in descending order (above 1%) the product would have to contain MORE than 30% each of water, PG, and dimethicone. But if that were true the first 4 ingredients would total 120% of the formula which can't be right either. Something is screwed up!

    I wonder if it's possible that Pro-xylane is sold as a 30% solution. Then they could be saying, "hey, we're using 30% Pro-xylane in our product" and just be referring to the concentration of the ingredient itself as purchased, not the concentration used in their final product. But that sounds very sketchy to me too.
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