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DMAE in skincare.

Hi Beauty Brains,

I notice that in the Dr. Perricone products--quite expensive--DMAE seems to be the star ingredient.

I'm aware of some of the claims for ingesting DMAE supplements. Is there any viable proof of its efficacy applied directly on the skin?

And would the supporting ingredients and/or the type of container (would DMAE be considered an active ingredient?), be an important consideration if it is beneficial?

Love, love, love you guys. Have read your books, listened to all your podcasts (more than once!) and wish you'd put out another book as well as another on audible. Not asking a lot, I know!

Thanks for all you do!


  • Hey Luvs, thanks for the kind words. We have looked into DMAE in the past but we've never been able to find any solid data to show that it provides a differentiated benefit. We'll keep looking!

    PS Have you reviewed us on iTunes yet? It would really help us out if you would!
  • I already have! And I keep spreading the word.
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