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How do ingredients look for this cleanser?

Potassium Coco Hydrolyzed marine Protein, Purified Distilled Water, Lauramide DEA, Acetylated Lanolin, Chloroxylenol This is Facial wash from


  • The good: It should be mild based on the choice of protein based surfactants. 

    The odd: It contains a DEA-containing ingredient which is unusual because most of the industry has moved away from DEA due to safety concerns. (I don't believe it's unsafe, just surprising.) Also, it contains chloroxylenol which may have some anti-acne properties when used at high enough levels. However, it is not an approved over the counter acne drug.  

    The bad: According to their website this stuff costs $28 per 8 oz bottle. In my opinion, no facial cleanser is worth that much unless it is a prescription product. There are plenty of other mild formulas on the market that are much cheaper. 
  • Thanks for your feedback Randy!
  • I have weird sensitivities. It is very hard to find cleansers without fragrance, glycerin and sorbitol.
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