Hi The Beauty Brains,

I have read the podcast about the skin's acid mantle and I have a quick question to ask. Because our skin has its own acid mantle, does it mean it is better not to wash face frequently (like three times per day)? And is it better not to clean face after face secreting oil or sweating? Thank you.


  • Your skin restores its natural acid mantle after you wash it. As long as you're not using a high pH cleanser (like soap) you should have no problem with washing it.
  • I'm curious if the skin has a natural "buffer" of some kind.  Also, wouldn't the pH of your water have more of an impact on your skin's acid mantle during rinsing?
  • Yes, the skin will naturally restore and maintain (aka buffer) an acid pH. Tap water is pretty close to neutral so it won't have much effect. 
  • Is it worth it or too tedious to test the pH of your skin after you cleanse It? I've tried some cleansers that have made my skin feel very dry afterwards so I immediately stopped using them. But the extensive Korean skincare regimen regularly uses foaming cleansers which I know Caroline hirons is completely against. However Koreans are known for their flawless skin. Does it boil down to everyone's skin is different? What science dares defy the skincare queen? Lol
  • Testing your skin right after cleansing doesn't give you much useful info because the skin's acid mantle restores itself over time. (Maybe 30 minutes-ish?) 

    It might be interesting to test skin pH as a function of time after using different cleansers. 

    And, yes, everyone's skin is different in the sense that the same thing doesn't always work for everyone. 
  • So then are low pH cleansers just more marketing terms or can they possibly contribute to healthy skin? Like
  • I don't think it's marketing, there are a lot of studies indicating a cleanser with a pH that is close to the pH of skin is better. Although it also depends on the kind of surfactants used and refatting agents. But for the Cosrx it's kind of marketing, because many face cleansers have a pH<6.5.
  • When testing cleansers at home with litmus papers and tap water, what is the ideal pH range?
  • A pH between 4 and 5.5 is good, but anything below 6.5 is fine I believe. Those yellow pH-meters work very well as well, it's easier to read than litmus pH strips.
  • Thank you! I feel like I've learned so much about skincare since I found the beauty brains podcast. I feel more confident in my beauty choices now. Can't wait for the next episode ☺
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