Opinions before purchasing device

Hey Randy just wondering what your opinion on this gadget is:


I use their blue light and hair removal devices with good results. I have some enlarged pores around and on my nose and thought about giving this a try.

Also Looking for opinions from anyone who has tried it :)



  • Hmm. The idea that you need to "vacuum" dead skin cells off your face to remove them while exfoliating seems like a gimmick to me. Wouldn't just washing your face accomplish the same goal? 

    Their website claims "Diamond tip microdermabrasion is one of the best forms of microdermabrasion." That's true when it's done with professional equipment by a dermatologist. An at home device like this can't, and shouldn't, remove as many layers of skin. (That would be dangerous.) 

    If the website presented any info on why this $99 device is better than using a much cheaper $3.00 exfoliating face wash then I might think it was worth the money. As is, it doesn't seem worth it in my opinion.  
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