How to choose moisturizer and sunscreen?

Hi Peter and Randy,

I am going to buy a moisturizer and sunscreen that are less irritating and non-comedogenic. Could you tell me how to appropriately choose a moisturizer and sunscreen? By the way, I have acne prone and oily skin. Thank you very much.


  • Maybe you can look at comedogenic ratings on the internet. It isn't a very exact science, so please only look at the ones with a high comedogenic rating, the ones with moderate or low generally don't cause problems. Considering irritating ingredients: I would stay away from Fragrance, Alcohol, Balsam, Mint, Geranium, Methylchloroisothiazolione, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Propylene Glycol (in high amounts), Citrus extracts, Oxybenzone and the 26 allergenic fragrances (
  • The best source that I have ever found for this topic is from Dr. Leslie Baumann (derm in Miami).  She wrote a book a few years ago called "Skin type solutions".  There is a skin quiz to fill out which is not difficult, then a specific chapter devoted to each of the 16 skin "types' as classified by Baum.

    She provides solid information as to what specific ingredients to include and those to avoid.  The product recommendations may be a bit out of date, but are still useful.

    Along the same line is a lovely blog maintained by a derm in Santa Rosa named Dr. Cynthia Bailey.

    Beautypedia/Paula's Choice is also an excellent resource for skin care information as well as an exceptional product line which is reasonably priced.
  • I think everyone's skin is different, but I've just found out that my sensitive skin can't take any moisturizer or sunscreen with chemical sunscreen ingredients like avobenzone. ALL kinds. My skin turns red at the end of the day and any sunscreen/moisturizer that gets into my eyes burns them. I tried using different sunscreen/moisturizers containing diff chemical ingredients and it still doesn't work. :(
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