Discount store brand makeup?

Hello. Love the podcast. I found it recently and have binge listened.

I often will buy makeup at discount stores but usually only buy markdowns/overstocks of known brands, like Cover Girl or Revlon or Elf (which is inexpensive but ok quality).

However a certain dollar store often has some unknown brands and has been the subject of a recent trend in beauty videos on YouTube (past year or so) with people trying to create a look with items they find only at a dollar store.

Other than quality reasons (smudgy, poorly pigmented) is there a reason to avoid these items? I've heard on a certain podcast that false claims can fly under the radar more with smaller brands but is there anything dangerous? Here are some examples I don't see any ingredient info.


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    Hey VP. I looked at the link you provided but I couldn't find any ingredient info either. That's makes it impossible to really compare these dollar store products to name brands. But that won't stop my from giving my opinion!

    Brands like Cover Girl and Revlon are made my big companies that have LOTS of cosmetic chemists on staff. These products are not only carefully formulated and thoroughly lab tested for but they're also consumer tested to make sure they perform the way people want them to. In addition, the ingredients are screened to ensure they comply with safety requirements. 

    Cheap brands like the ones you linked to are made by small companies who generally don't have their own resources to formulate and/or manufacture their own products. That means contract manufacturers typically make these products. In addition, if the companies are outside of the US, they may bypass some of the safety regulations that are required here. (This has been well documented for counterfeit products made in China.) Some examples of safety violations that I've seen reported include use of colorants that are not certified, use of ingredients with higher than acceptable levels of heavy metals, and contamination with foreign materials. 

    I'm not saying that every dollar store product has these problems but the risk is certainly higher than it is with name brands.     

    I hope this helps. 

    PS I'm glad you like the podcast! Would you please consider writing a review of our show on iTunes? Perry and I really appreciate the support!
  • Thanks! That is what I figured. I'll stick to buying birthday decorations and plastic bins at the dollar store, unless I see brands I know just from last year's line or something. I imagine the quality isn't great anyway. Thank you so much for your answer!

    I will review the podcast. 
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