Molecular weight of hyaluronic acid

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Hey beauty brains!

Have been listening to your broadcasts and reading in this forum, enjoyed it very much, so please continue and thanks:)
three questions please:
I am almost exclusively into DIY. Read a lot of scary things about TOO low hyaluronic acid molecular weight- causing inflamation and eventually aging of the skin...on the other hand , read that hight molecular weight of HA doesn't penetrate the skin at all- but that on the other hand does help with moisturising and some other thing that LMW doesn't.  so my conclusion is that its best to combine the two. Cant understand everything in the studies and really need your professional help. Is it really best to combine LMW with HMW - to the biggest veriety of benefits, or does LMW provide all? 
and the more important questions - what kda/ daltons should optimal LMW HA be - for it to penetrate the skin effectively, but on the same time , that I can be sure will NOT cause any inflamation? is 50 kda safe for sure and really the optimal number? 
and last- what is the optimal kda of HIGH molecular weight HA for the anti aging purposes I mentiond? 
  Hope you understood me and that you can answer all, thank's in advance



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