Vitamin C

Hey Randy and Perry!

First off I just want you to know how much I appreciate and love love love your podcasts. they have really changed my perspective on beauty products!

My question is about vitamin C serums.

I was hoping you could do a whole show on how to pick the perfect vitamin C serum.

I'm personally having a lot of trouble finding the right one. I've heard that once the vitamin c becomes yellow or orange, it becomes less effective because it has been exposed to oxygen. Would an air tight container help this?! Do you know of any air tight container ones? I've also heard that it's better to start at a low active percentage and work your way up in order to avoid skin reactions (for those with sensitive skin). Is this true?

Another concern is that my vitamin serum causes very tiny breakouts over my face a few days after I use the serum (I used the jeffrey james Botanicals "The Light Age-defying c serum"). By the way, I never break out. I've had clear skin for as long as I could remember. This was frightening to me and I completely stopped using the serum but I still want the benefits of it! Is there a certain combination of ingredients in vitamin c serums that can avoid such breakouts?

Thanks a lot !!!!! Xoxoxo


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