Best method to wash off sunscreen (face & neck)

Hello Wondering what the best method to remove sunscreen from face and neck? I'm concerned my facial cleansers might not be doing the trick. I mainly use CeraVe foaming cleanser and my Clarisonic brush. Considering adding a precleanse with one of the oil cleaners but thought I'd consult this group as sunscreen has been a hot topic. Any feedback or advice is greatly appreciated!


  • @AngelaC

    I use a cleansing oil & a foaming cleanser. All the sunscreen melts off when i use cleansing oil. It also depends what sunscreen you are using, the more water resistant the formulae, the tougher and more budge resistant it is... so an oil based cleanser works for me.

     :) not sure what sunscreen you are using. I did try to use up my micellar water that would only remove SOME sunscreens, not all. never again. it made me tug my skin, i am using cleansing oil now.
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    i find washing the sunscreen off the neck v tricky... 

    i generally schedule a sunscreen/makeup removal after the UV goes to 0 (check SunSmart App or my blog that has Sydney UV real time)

    wash the neck with cleansing oil, use a towel to remove, otherwise it's impossible to wash it.

    And jump in the shower after to remove other sunscreen on the body and wash the neck clean :)

    note: it's important to use a fresh face/neck towel daily (dead skin cells, bacteria etc) 

    Does anyone have a helpful tip for sunscreen removal esp on the neck?

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