Clay, skin and deep cleansing.

Are clay masks, purchased or homemade, any good for "deep cleansing" of pores? There's always the line about "drawing out of impurities". My sister asked me this and I couldn't answer her to my own satisfaction. I know that pores do not have muscles and do not "open" or "close"; so how does clay work to clean pores? Does clay actually clean pores at all?


  • As you suspect, the idea that clay can "draw out impurities" is just a myth. First of all, your body doesn't purge itself through your pores so there are no "impurities" to be expelled. Second, while it's true that pores can become clogged with dead skin cells, clay does not have any special properties that help to clean them out. For that you need something that can help loosen the glue between skin cells like salicylic acid. 

    Clay does do a good job of tightening skin which gives you a clean, tingly feeling. Clay can also absorb excess oil so skin feels good.  
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