New Vitamin C Product


I always read your blog and apply information from it in my cosmetic routine.

You usually write about Vitamin C and how it can boost collagen production, so I recently found new product that claims to have 79% concentration of Vitamin C.

The weird thing is that this product comes in with Vitamin C in a solid form that should be mixed with special activator.

Can this possibly be an effective treatment for wrinkles? Can this product work?

Vitamin C spheres: ascorbic acid, polyquaternium-10, simmondsia chinesis

Activator: water, glycerol, 1,5-pentanediol, sodium lactate, lactic acid ferment bacteria.

Thank you!


  • Pre-mixing the product just before use could be stabilize the Vitamin C. I haven't see any data on this approach but theoretically it could work. 
  • Hi Randy,

    Even if it is stable, isn't 79% concentration a bit too much for the skin ? And can it irritate skin?
  • Yes that is too high. Maybe when you mix the products the vitamin C is diluted? I don't know. 
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