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Hi Randy and Peter,

I have read many articles saying that we should have a daytime skincare routine and nighttime one. Do you think it is necessary? Now I still use the same skincare products both at night and in the morning. And I only use cleanser, moisturizer, vitamin C serum and sunscreen. Do you think toner and exfoliator are necessary for acne-prone skin? Thank you.


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    Yes, taking care of our skin is very important not only to stay beautiful, but also to avoid increasing sign of aging and acne. Skin must get the essential ingredients from moisteners, lotions and serum that helps to keep skin healthy. Facial skin of our body is always exposed to the environment and gets easily damaged through sun exposure and pollutants. So before leaving from home, one must apply proper skin care products. You can check here various skin care products that will stop damaging skin and problems like anti-aging and wrinkles.

  • Hi Stephanie. If you have a favorite brand you want to share with the Forum that's fine but we don't like to have too many links to other product pages because it starts to feel spammy. We prefer to focus on discussions of the science of how products work rather than just providing marketing materials. Thanks. 
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