Looking for Sunscreen with Tinosorb A2B & Uvinul A Plus

I have heard that the newer form of Tinosorb, Tinosorb A2B, is superior at catching the UVAII rays and "manganese titanium oxide nanopowder" has been mentioned as an upgrade from standard titanium dioxide. But having trouble finding products containing these ingredients. Any tips on what products might contain these (worldwide)?

Currently using Bioderma Photoderm Sensitive 50 since it's supposed to have a PPD of 45-50 and Uriage Bariesun XP which says UVAPF 65; seems like they would be among the best products on the market for UVA protection. But maybe there is something better with the newer ingredients? Preferably fragrance- and simple alcohol free (perhaps a miniscule amount is ok). I like Japanese & Korean sunscreens but hard to figure out the PPD and find the alcohol levels too high. I have found some PPD charts around the web like Reddit but most are outdated and seems a lot of companies refuse to publish that information. Any tips?


  • @ElenaNYC

    As far as I know the sunscreen is allowed in the EU. But I've never seen a product using this ingrediënt. It is a sunscreen in the nano range, around 80nm like nano zinc oxide. Maybe because it was approved not that long ago, companies are not using it yet.

  • If the PPD chart from Reddit is the one I'm thinking of, it's using the sunscreen calculator (which is extremely innaccurate) for the brands that don't have the PPD advertised.

    Sorry I don't have a link.
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    Want more UVA1 coverage
  • Also I hope protection against visible light and infrared etc will improve in the future...
  • TOTAL Sun protection hehe if there is such a thing (stay in a dark box) 
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