Matte foundation safe for normal/combo skin?

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I am afraid you will be able to tell how foundation obsessed I am by the sheer number of foundation threads I start lol.  Okay, so here is my issue.  I have combination skin (I think).  As I get older, and with use of drying rosacea treatments, my cheeks are drier than they used to be.  I really like matte foundations (both the look of them and the ability to withstand the oilies I can get in my t-zone).  I'm trying out some samples of matte liquid foundations and I really like the look.  But do I risk drying out my skin too much in the drier zones of my face?  Do these formulations contain ingredients that will suck the oil out of my skin?  Or is it okay to use if I moisturize well first?


  • Sarah, I would reccomend using them if you like and then using them on your cheeks a bit differently. I live in a very dry climate and get dehydration on my cheeks and eye area. One thing I've found very effective is mixing a little bit of oil (whatever your choice may be) with my foundation and stippling it onto the cheeks with a beautyblender. It keeps me looking flawless and hydrated across the whole face.
  • Thank you Brainy!
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