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I have read many articles saying that we should have a daytime skincare routine and nighttime one. Do you think it is necessary? Now I still use the same skincare products both at night and in the morning. And I only use cleanser, moisturizer, vitamin C serum and sunscreen. Do you think toner and exfoliator are necessary for acne-prone skin? Thank you.


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    Yes following a good skincare routine will help you in maintaining a healthy skin. for acne prone skin, I do not recommend you to use exfoliator often. If you want to know an affordable skincare routine which would make your skin beautiful and would prevent from tanning and break outs then read Affordable morning skincare routine and night-time skincare routine. These are my personal skincare routine and had worked well. that is why I thought of publishing it for my readers. Hope this helped. :)

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    You can certainly use the same cleanser, toner, exfoliant and moisturizer day or night. Personally I don't recommend retinol or retinoic acid during the day, because they are simply too unstable. A toner isn't necessary, but may provide some additional cleansing, or hydration if a moisturizer is too emollient for your skin type. And as KhadijaBeauty said, don't overuse an exfoliant. I use a 2% salicylic acid exfoliant twice a week, and that works fine for me.
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