extreme facial hair

Hi. I am a 50 years old guy with an embarrassing problem. apart from my normal beard which I can shave, I have a lot of hair all over the face. I mean above the cheeks, near the eyes, nose, which is not normal. I actually look like a gorilla! I was told that a cream with phytoestrogens will help. the logic behind it is that estrogens lowers the dht found on the skin which is responsible for the hair growth. so far so good. however I came across another article which says the opposite. too many estrogens will affect dht to get higher in order to suppress the foreign hormones in the skin. do you know which one is correct and if there is any scientific explanation behind these theories?

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    I don't think any cream will stop hair growth. I've lasered my beard area, with an alexandrite laser. Really the best decision of my life. I only shave sometimes for some hairs here and there, but I don't have ingrown hairs or shaving irritation anymore.
  • I haven't seen any technology that's proven to work. 
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