Is powder sunscreen better than no sunscreen?

I have never found a sunscreen that my skin tolerates for daily use.
However, my skin seems to be comfortable with powders so I was wondering - are powder sunscreens worth it? Is it safer to to use powder than nothing?
If so, any recommendations?


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    With an SPF50+ powder "sunscreen" you will end up with a an SPF of around 1.5-2 in real life situations. In many countries it is not allowed to label powders with an SPF, because it gives the impression it protects your skin while in reality the protection is negligible. So I would say no, you can't replace a sunscreen with a powder.

    Are you sure your skin can't tolerate any sunscreen actives? A powder with SPF contains sunscreen actives as well, maybe the products you tried contained other irritating ingredients?
  • @Peter Good reply!  I told my friend the same thing when she asked me for advice on buying sunscreen powder!
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