Vinegar rinse giving highlights?

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I am not sure if this was just my imagination but I swear I got red highlights from using ACV as a conditioner. My hair is light brown, some people call it dark blond but I don't think it's blond. Anyway, I hated the red highlights and I started using rice vinegar (it's yellow). I think my hair got some blond highlights from it and many people actually commented on my hair colour. Do you think vinegar can change highlights on light hair? Of course, the ends of my hair are light than the roots (I don't apply vinegar to the roots) but that's normal for all people with light hair I've seen. And do you think it can make hair more wavy? Sorry if that's a stupid question, I just wonder if it's worth continuing with the vinegar rinse or it's all in my head.


  • The active component of both Apple Cider Vinegar and Rice Vinegar is acetic acid. I don't see reason that ACV would give you red highlights and Rice Vinegar would give you blonde highlights. (Unless the Rice Vinegar was REALLY REALLY REALLY yellow and you were getting some staining. But I doubt that's the case.) 

    Acetic acid is a weak acid and will not disrupt the bonds in your hair so it can't make your hair wavy. Maybe you're doing something else different in your hair routine?   
  • Well, actually when I examined carefully my old pictures and my hair after washing it without the vinegar I can safely say all these effects were only in my imagination. My hair has always been a little wavy, it's just that it wasn't obvious because of the hairstyle. My hair also changes depending on humidity. As for blonde highlights, I've always had them but I used to wear my hair up so it wasn't obvious. Maybe honey rinses contributed to that as well? I don't know but it's not very likely. I was fooling myself.
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