Would diatomaceous earth be a good dry shampoo?

The other day I didnt have time to wash my hair and I remembered I had a tub of diatomaceous earth under my sink.
Um - it was the best dry shampoo I have ever used. 
Is there any reason why I shouldnt use this instead of conventional dry shampoo?


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    wow seriously? i have diatomasceous earth.. which i consumer... never tried it for hair tho.. tho i am not about to begin.

    i think one of the reasons could be costs? can you share how you put DE on your hair without causing a mess?

    Batiste gives me dandruff i think.
  • Hmmm, never thought of that. As long as it's a purified grade that acceptable for contact with the skin I suppose it could be fine. I'm not sure if there are any hazards associated with DE on skin on getting it in your eyes. 
  • To me, using DE seems cheaper than buying dry shampoo. A huge tub of DE costs about $17, and has a million other uses.
    I just scooped some out with my fingers and sprinkled it into my part/my roots.
    it's a bit drying but the hold and volume are worth it (and it obviously washes out)
    My concern was that I read recently that using dry shampoo is bad for your hair - so I wondered if that extended to something like DE, which doesnt have the conventional dry shampoo ingredients.
  • @Randy DE into eyes is a big worry!! my eyes are sensitive and the molecules of DE is scratchy! can cause permanent damage!

    @Boom1 Dry shampoo isn't expensive. hmmm perhaps you can put it in a salt/pepper shaker for convenience?
  • @Boom1
    Isn't it too abrasive?
    I remember it's used in toothpaste and to make copper shinnier.
  • @FrenchBeautista, it's not abrasive at all (use only food grade).

    P.s. I have continued to use it as dry shampoo and still really like it.
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    what colour is your DE? The DE i buy here in Australia is light brown :( noticed they are white in USA.... also the DE i use are sourced locally.... where is yours sourced?
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