Buy "The Oridnary" products? What did you get and how did you work it into your routine?

Soooo.... what did you get, how did you integrate it in your routine and what benefits, if any, have you noticed?!?




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    It seemed like all of a sudden, everyone was talking about these products - and after reading a few comments on a video of my all-time favorite vlogger (Hot & Flashy) I finally gave in and clicked over to the The Ordinaries website to investigate for myself.

    What I found were amazingly-priced  simple clear-cut formulations targeted primarily to ingredient-junkies - those who like to read the label and research what each item does.  When I found out that they were shipping to Italy for free, I was all-in and I ordered The Ordinaires Caffiene Eye Serum, The Buffet and Vitamin C 23% suspension.

    I'm 43 years old with early-onset menopause (hormonal chaos) which has contributed to total loss of volume in my cheeks (they've flopped down into jowls and a double chin,  yaay) and, now, very acne-prone combination skin.  Wrinkles are not particularly deep except for 1 of the 11's and a bar-code above my top lip. I also have freckles - and I do wish that one could use anti-age products without erasing the interest and camouflage freckles naturally provide to my face.

    Wrapped-up in the excitement I slathered everything on as soon as it arrived - along with using a new tonic and foundation. Predictably my skin rebelled and I was rewarded with a cherry-red face and a deep case of regret. Now that my skin is back on the mend I can share how the products are working on me.

    The Caffeine Eye serum seemed to eventually un-puffy my eyes - I still don't see any action on the "sag" I have above the inner corner of my left eye but I can't seem to find anything that explains what it is and what could help it. I initially put it on in the mornings and it worked as well as any eye serum.  Then I decided to put it on day and night and my eyelids started burning a bit so I'm back to just using it in the morning.

    I'm using the Vitamin C 23% on cleaned and tonic-ed skin first thing in the morning.  It feels very slippery but I really hate the "microspheres".  I rub it on my face and I get these white fringey things stuck to my fingers.  Are those the microspheres or my skin peeling off?!? I can't tell but it's gross. It's definitely more potent than any other Vitamin C serum I've used before and you feel that in the extra tingle. Two applications almost completely erased the red spots from left-over acne I got all over my neck from eating my kid's Halloween candy.  It initially feels oily, but then it dries so I finish-up with a layer of my day cream and sun-screen.

    I use The Buffet in my evening routine which is preceded by tonic and Italian Retin-A .05% equivalent. I top it with my night cream.  Early results are probably not evident with this serum but I did notice a slightly rosier, more rested looking skin in the morning.  It was also a bit dry.  

    I am considering adding Niacinamide, Matrixil to the night-time routine and replacing my night cream with their Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA. I don't think that I need both the HA+B5 serum AND the Vitamin C+ HA during the day but everyone talks about how they got great IMMEDIATE plumping with that and I am curious to see how it would work with my saggy combination skin.

    I don't know what to make of the acids, I currently replace my night-time routine with a 12% Glycolic Acid solution once a week. I  don't really know how the ordinaries Lactic 5 or 10% or Azelic 10% acid formulations would compare to what I'm using now. Would be interested to hearing other's experience in this realm or some advice about which acid is better for what.

    And, obviously, I can't wait to read what everyone else got and how they like them!!! : )


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    Vitamin C suspension 23%+HA
    + Best researched form of vitamin C
    + Due to its formulation and form of vitamin C highest strength and most potent vitamin C formula from The Ordinary (also more potent than the Paula's Choice 25% Spot Treatment, which costs 110 dollars for 30mL, compared to 5 dollars for 30mL)
    + No fragrance or irritants. And it contains hyaluronic acid.
    - You can only use it at night, also because its a more heavy texture
    - Unfortunately it does contain some BHT (does have allergy, irritant en thyroid hormone disrupting properties). Extremely high concentrations of Ascorbic Acic can be toxic to cells.
    - Not compatible with a Niacinamide or NIOD CAIS product

    Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10%
    + No irritants or fragrant plant extracts
    + Relative easy application, due to light cream texture
    + Not as shiny as the Vitamin C suspension
    + Also contains Tocopherol and Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil
    -+ It doesn't have the highest concentration of Vitamin C compared to the other three products, although in general 10% MAP is still a very potent concentration

    Ascorbyl Glucoside 12%
    + Definitely the most pleasant texture, spreads very easily and absorbs very quickly
    - Contains Propanediol (irritating) and Triethanolamine (toxic contaminations/allergen/skin sensitization).

    Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate 20%
    + Most stable, oil soluble (so best skin penetrating) Vitamin C derivative
    + Very high concentration
    + Preservative free product
    + Although it's more shiny than the 10% MAP and 12% Ascorbyl Glucoside (it takes in my opinion more time to absorb than these two), it's not extremely oily.
    - Extremely liquid runny texture, which makes it very difficult to apply
    - Contains Solanium Lycopersicum (Tomato) Fruit Extract, which contains fragrance compounds similar to Balsam of Peru. A common phototoxic and irritating compound (link)

    The Ordinary Buffet 25.1%
    + Very easy application absorbs quickly
    + Many different peptides, amino acids, Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin, Probiotic complex
    + Low price compared to other companies with peptides, also the concentration is much higher than used by other companies
    + Skin looks more radiant and more hydrated
    - It does contain some preservatives

    The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG
    + Very easy application absorbs quickly
    Caffeine is also an anti-oxidant and can protect against UV-damage
    + EGCG is a well researched extract from green tea, it also contains sodium Hyaluronate, and vitamin E.
    - Propanediol can be irritating and it contains some preservatives. Also EGCG doesn't stay stable in dropper bottles, it really needs airless packaging.

    The Ordinary Niacinamide 10%+Zinc 1%
    + Very easy application absorbs quickly
    + I'm in love with Niacinamide, so compared to Paula's Choice 10% Niacinamide a great deal.
    + In general Niacinamide does help me with red spots very well
    - It only contains two actives (in the end combining multiple serums of The Ordinary can be quite expensive)

    In general I really like the products, high effective concentrations of actives at reasonable pricing. Most products are fragrance and irritant free. Many other brand don't list the percentage of actives or use irritanting plant extracts. It would be nice if the products would be packaged in airless pump packaging and if those few irritating plant extracts are eliminated from the products, also the Ethyl 2,2-Dimethylhydrocinnamal in the Lactic Acid products.
  • Peter, interesting comment about the Vit. C + HA being heavy.  At least on my skin it dries quickly enough that I can lather on my day cream and sun creen without problems.  Did you find the micro-spheres a little off-putting at all?


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    @pazzaglia Well, it's my personal experience of course. Because I think sunscreen is the most important step during the day, I want to apply enough (2-2.5 mL), and dont want to apply heavy serums and moisturizers underneith. The vitamin c suspension is definitely thicker and heavier than the other vitamin c products. But on the other hand many moisturizers are even more heavy and oily. If I would use it on its own during the day it would be fine. The Ordinary advices to use it at night though. I did have that peeling once. If I let the other serums underneath dry too much, it will peel of indeed, but if those serums haven't dried the vitamin c suspension glides on perfectly.
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    Well said Peter ! 

    Sunscreen is the most important step in the day indeed. Prevention is better than cure!
    Many of the sunscreens I use some oil to suspend the zinc oxide, so i skip any oils/moisturisers when i use sunscreen, i usually use just serums and straight to sunscreen.

    During the day, i prefer water based Vitamin C eg MAP / AA2G and at night Tetra C.

    The Ordinary Anhydrous LAA can "pill/peel" for me too depending on what i apply under. Usually if i apply it over an emulsion (with proper emulsifier) it is ok, however, if i apply it over some serums, it peels and the LAA crystals balls up. 

    @pazzaglia So happy to have another bella ragazza to discuss Ordinary with :) Staying tuned... i decided to take my own sweet time to open and try the products.... Don't want to open too many at the time. :) stayng disciplined, like my friend says. Use up a product before opening another. :P
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    @peter - I'm jealous, you seem to have a very elaborate and sophisticated skincare routine!!! Would you mind sharing some information with us about your skin type and issues? 

    I too, would like to see the individual percentages of some of the actives in "The Buffet" so I can make a more informed decision about upping the existing doses with an additional Matrixyl and HA serum.

    I can see that as one gets more products in similar packaging it will get confusing to sort-out and read all those droppers - especially first thing in the morning!!!

    @preciousia - yes, take it S L O W!  haha! Have you tried anything from Fitocose?

    BTW, I would love to use the Vitamin C at night, but it conflicts with a preservative of the Italian Retin-A equivalent I've been using.

    "Benzoic Acid & Vitamin C - will they make carcinogenic Benzene on my face?"
    To follow up on THAT post.  I eventually gave up the dodgy Thai Retin-A and went with the local formulation.  However, I try to avoid applying it the same time as any Vitamin C-containing product  and I wash my face really well between routines.

    So, in the meantime, I'll have to hope that my alternating chemical/mineral and 100% mineral sunscreens will do their job!


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    My skintype:
    After testing for skin type (not applying or washing my face for 5 days), I would say I have normal to slight combination skin, that feels dry very quickly. And the end of the day, without any products, my skin is at most slightly shiny, but certainly not extremely oily. I do have enlarged pores on my nose. Also I have sensitive skin, and some red spots especially on my neck and jaw line. I'm looking for a product that protects against sun damage and is soothing and anti-inflammatory.

    My routine:
    Once every three months glycolic acid peel 60%
    Laser treatment 7x for facial hair (to reduce ingrown hairs)
    Uncover Cleanser Dry Skin (surfactant free cleansing milk)
    The Ordinary 10% Niacinamide
    The Ordinary Buffet
    The Ordinary 5% Caffeine + EGCG
    The Ordinary 10% Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate
    Derma Face SPF30 (contains benzoic acid though ;-), but I don't think it's a big issue)

    The Ordinary 10% Niacinamide
    The Ordinary Buffet
    The Ordinary 23% Vitamin C / The Ordinary 10% Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate
    Uncover Moisturizer (5% Niacinamide, 5% Vitamin C, 2% Licorice Extract, I only use this if I want to, or in stead of The Ordinary Products)

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    Ooo! Ooo!  I just came from their website, I pulled the trigger on the other items I wanted to try, and I saw they added at least three additional items to the "coming soon" stack.  

    They added Alpha Lapoic Acid - which I already take as a nutritional supplement to fend off a family history of heart disease and cancer  (it really does do wonders for the skin, too). I wonder how it will differ as a topical.  It's classified under "Acids" while HA, which is an acid in name but not in action, is not. Hmmmmm... 

    Plus there are some other goodies coming from the DECIEM Santa.  Can't wait!!  


  • @pazzaglia
    I wish they would make more "buffet" kind of products. If a serum only contains 1 active, you need to apply many different products to get all the beneficial ingredients you want (diluting the final concentration and making your routine quite expensive), and my wish list with ingredients contains at least 20 different actives ingredients.

    For example if I combine The Ordinary 10% Niacinamide with the 10% MAP, I will end up with 5% of each ingredient. This is exactly the same as the Uncover Moisturizer I use, but then I only have to apply 1 product. If I use 3 of 4 serums, the final concentration of Niacinamide will be 2.5% 

    I wish they would have packaged the Alpha Lipoic Acid in an airless bottle, it is very sensitive to air and light.
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    I think that the The Ordinary is a great up-sell for their other products. You try it, see that it works and are tempted to believe their higher-end products will work "better".  Well, at least I am.   I've never considered spending €60 on neck cream before.  And yet, I've already placed two orders for Ordinary products totaling €60 . So, somehow... that €60 NOID NEC cream isn't looking too far out of reach!! 

    And the same thing with the combination serums, Peter.  I was going to say that combining all the individual Serums from The Ordinary may be the same price as their Hylamide SubQ serum.  I've read a post or watched a video somewhere saying THAT serum contains pretty much the same ingredients as Buffet. 

    Personally, I can't tell by looking at a list of ingredients if that's the case, so I copied the list of ingredients from each, sorted alphabetically and found that SubQ only has 30 ingredients, while Buffet 50.  I found that they only have 16 ingredients in common - assuming that they are not calling some of the same ingredients different names (I'm not savvy or knowledgeable enough to figure that out).  Of course, in the end it, matters WHICH ingredients are there and having fewer, likely also means more concentration.

    How does "dilution" really work? Does it apply to serums and creams mixed in the hand or on the face?  If, for example,  a water-based serum is applied to the skin and  left to dry before the next one is added - wouldn't you still be getting the full concentration of all of the actives without the delivery mechanism?  This sounds like a good question to send to the Beauty Brains (I finally figured out how to do audio as I had to do a voice-over for a video) - though they already addressed "boosters" I wonder if layering prodcuts and letting each one absorb would have a different impact in terms of concentration.


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    P.S.  In case anyone else in interested in the comparison, here is a list of the ingredients Ordinary Buffet Serum and Hylamide Subq Antiage have in common (in alphabetical order):

     Aqua (Water)
     Caprylyl Glycol
     Citric Acid
     Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin
     Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38
     Pentylene Glycol
     Sodium Benzoate
     Sodium Hyaluronate
     Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer
     Sodium Hydroxide
     Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate

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    Personally I like The Ordinary more than the Hylamide SubQ, also more than many products from their NIOD line. More expensive doesn't necessarily mean more effective ;-) Many of the actives used in the ordinary series have much more research on their efficiency. Also the concentrations are high enough to do something. Ingredients like ascorbic acid, niacinamide, retinol, arbutin, azelaic acid, green tea have a good amount of research proving their efficiency. However their are very few studies on peptides, also there is very limited research that copper peptides work. The studies from the manufacturers look promising, but a good amount of independent research on peptides is missing. Also hyaluronic acid may be great for hydration, but I don't want to spend a huge amount of money only on some hyaluronic acid.

    The problem with layering multiple products is that their efficiency will be reduced. The products you apply first just reduce the absorption of the actives applied afterwards. So if I apply 4 serums, for example the retinoid, buffet, caffeine and hyaluronic acid, and then I would finish with the 10% niacinamide the niacinamide will be less effective then if you would apply it directly to cleansed skin.
  • @Peter Hey you know what. you are right about this. I like The Ordinary Buffet better than SubQ Hylamide too. I had a look closer at the ingredients. The Ordinary tend to use the more common, more researched ingredients. The other brands will go with the more exotic ingredients like Ethyl Ascorbic Acid.... I am pretty happy with LAA, MAP, SAP or TA 

    Ingredients with more research tend to give a little more promise since there is the lack of information, also the ingredients will cost more. Hyaluronic Acid is one of those hydrators that can backfire in low humidity. Insteading of absorbing moisture from the environment, they would draw moisture from the skin. Some of these humectants to avoid are: 
    • Butylene Glycol
    • Diethylene Glycol
    • Pentylene Glycol
    • Glycerine
    • Glycerine-26
    • Sorbitol Trioleate
    I am still really new with Deciem brands, no harm experimenting.

    From experience, i can tell you copper peptides work. Same with EGF. I use Skin Actives restoration cream to speed my skin's healing.

    Actually Hyaluronic Acid isn't that expensive to DIY, super easy too. I need to see what the fuss is about. 

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    pazzaglia OMG They have Alpha Lapoic Acid? I am not going to apply 20 serums to get 20 ingredients. I am thinking of the DIY route to put together a post dermaroll serum. Been reading about microneedling.

    hmmm, i haven't tried Fitocose nor heard of it.

    "Benzoic Acid & Vitamin C - will they make carcinogenic Benzene on my face?"
    gosh! I didn't know that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    LAA is also not compatible with many ingredients :(

    thanks for sharing the ingredients in common!  One key difference is that SubQ has copper and Ordinary doesn't... yet. The Deciem brand also has an extraordinary priced 5% NIOD CAIS. ouch.
  • @preciousia
    Really excited about the Alpha Lipoic Acid as well! Would have been better if they combined more ingredients in one product, I can't apply 10 serums or so. Also using so many products reduces their efficiency. But still Alpha Lipoic Acid is definitely on my wish list.

    Don't think benzoic acid and vitamin C in skincare is a problem. The studies on this subject were on soda drinks, in cosmetic products the formation of benzene is negligible, also it is said benzene can't penetrate skin.
  • @preciousia Fitocose have a the WORST marketing ever, but the formulator is a genius.  

    Some of their ingredient labels read like poetry and most of their products have no preservatives - they mix them when you order them and have a short shelf-life.  In common with The Ordinary is that they use ingredients with proven benefits and price them fairly. Although they picture hideous jars on their website most products come in air-less pumps now - even the cleanser, unfortunately (it shoots through my wet hands when I try to pump it out).  Here are some of their anti-age products so you can see the formulations:
    I've used the Ginseng, Ginko, Jalus Oligo Filler (this has copper peptides and it's just €10 for 30mls!), Jalus Plus (niacinamide), Vit C Anti-age Fluid and Jalus Blanco (reservatol) - the only flop for me was the carrot mask. My stand-by is Jalus Plus, I cycle through the rest depending on the season.

    I'm sooo curious about dermarolling. I must have watched every YouTube video on it that exists.  I had plans on purchasing my first rolls in December to up my anti-aging game but now that I'm playing with The Ordinary I'm going to wait a little longer.  Please start a topic on it to share your experience!!!

    For ALA, consult a certified herbalist to get you on a high-quality supplement. In addition to beautiful skin, the extra benefits of taking it internally is increased mental clarity and energy.  I'm having such a great winter getting so many things done with almost zero couch-flopping. Literally, by the second day I took it I was dusting the ceilings and deep-cleaning the balconies - on the work front I can't even tell you how many stale projects I finally got rolling in the right direction.

    It makes you wonder... which "other" beauty ingredients would be better-utilized by the skin if taken internally vs. topically?!?! Hmmm....

    Still waiting on my second The Ordinary order.  I wish there was a way to check if they even sent it out yet on their website - can't wait to soak my face in HA and Niacinamide and slather my neck with Matrixyl.  Hahaha!  

    I know, I know.  One    at   a   time. ; )


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    omg... i am alil swamped now... hols coming but i will be going to read that poetry on Fitocose. 

    i bought everything i need. a >$100 book. watched a few videos only. 
    reading to begin anytime now... 
    getting my ingredients to DIY to avoid the nasties the book recommended and the actives to include. Unfortunately, there isn't a ready made serum i see available in the market. 

    As the skin is punctured, i am extremely fussy about ingredients. Penetration is at its best!
    If you are keen, you can view the gadget i bought, it has disposable needles (more hygienic) and the needles lengths can be adjusted so you can eg use a longer needle on scars and shorter needle on delicate areas. Numbing cream - check too. Waiting to try after my holidays. :P 

    Here in Australia it is HOT HOT HOT...UV is insane too! Was 38 degrees celsius the other day.

  • Noted benzoic acid and vitamin C is ok. i read Randy's response and the medical study was not skincare related. interesting though... there are probably several more incompatible ingredients i don't know about already.

    how fast are you using up your Ordinary products? My Buffet s nearly empty. LAA nearly empty too. Going to start MAP serum after LAA is finished. I am wondering what else to try... maybe Arbutin after another serum i am using is finished.
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    >For ALA, consult a certified herbalist to get you on a high-quality supplement. In addition to beautiful skin, the extra benefits of taking it internally is increased mental clarity and energy. 

    My nutritionist put me on a vegan diet, lots of fruits and vegetables, not much processed food. No meat. No eggs. No milk/cheese. I just started a few months... she looks down on supplements. I take Vitamin D, finishing my stash of supplements currently. 

    I was considering buying astaxanthin to boost my sun protection but... my nutritionist gave me a ear lashing... so i didn't buy it. Someone shared with me before supplements that are crap and supplements worth taking, i'll need to find that... hmmm What else do you consume? Your testimonial makes me want to go order good ALA. How do you tell it is a good quality supplement?

    I bought liposome glutathione recently... gosh. pricey but it seems to be working! Amazing what some quality supplement works... kindda like having a good quality skincare vs crap. I copped an earful for buying that too. :P

    >It makes you wonder... which "other" beauty ingredients would be better-utilized by the skin if taken internally vs. topically?!?! Hmmm....

    Many!! by memory, i know Vitamin A, B, C, D (Dr DG did a Vitamin D serum), E, F, Zinc, MSM, Glutathione... much more definitely... 
    Alpha Lipoic Acid of course. 

  • I was wondering about the Matrixyl serum... vs Buffet... Love to hear your thoughts.

    So far... i am not excited about the one ingredient one product anymore...they are good for me to assess for my DIY if i should even bother with the ingredient... eg Vitamin C... not sure LAA, MAP, AA2G or TA... i will decide after trying all 4 Vitamin C serums they own.

    I just got 14 new Korean products delivered from Korea... hmmm... one at a time... lol. Used one yesterday. maybe another in a couple more days... too spoilt for choice what to buy next.

    Did anyone buy Deciem's Black Friday promotions? They were like up to 67% off! Crazy.

  • @preciousia ;
    I've heard the Buffet contains 6% matrixyl, plus 19% of some other amino acids, peptides and hyaluronic acid. The matrixyl serum contains 10%. So if you like the buffet, there's no need to buy the Matrixyl serum as well.
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    @Peter Which grapevine did you hear the %?

    Th Ordinary Buffet and matrixyl serums will be too much of the same thing... thanks for your Tip. I won't buy it then.

    I use 2 brightening serums in my routine currently. Going to cut down the duplications. Need to study the ingredients again but fr memory, they do not duplicate... different ingredients. Just retired another brightening serum.
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    Good to know about the Matrixyl, Peter.   I already bought it (though I'm still waiting for it) and I plan to Buffet and Matrixyl my neck and jowels for extra oomph!  I can't use my Retin-A equivalent there because it makes my neck break out. Eventually I'll talk myself into trying the NIOD NEC.

    I've been putting on the buffet twice a day and now am going around the eyes, too.  On top of that I would add the Caffeine serum also twice a day but I found that at night my eyes are really dry - or maybe it's coincidence.  So I'm going to spend some nights with one or the other and see if that makes a difference.

    Preciousia, I would not start supplements on your own.  I don't know how it works in Australia but in Italy they certify herbalists.  Mine also educates other herbalists so she's pretty on-the-pulse of what's coming out and how to use it. She follows the medical research and has entire "plans" already structured for various ailments.  

    I was skeptic about supplements, too but three summers ago I was having my first hot flashes and I was ready to try anything. She put me on her "plan" with calcium, Magnase-Cobalt (which you start on every day and then gradually wean down to only once a week), and some Australian Flower Extract for mood (it works differently on some people it worked REALLY WELL for me - gave me the giggles and I had to cut down the dose. My husband was shocked at its effect and wondered if it was legal - don't worry, it is. You can also buy it on amazon : ) . Starting menopause is like having PMS every day - mood and symptom-wise, too - don't let me get started on the changes to the skin and collagen! Since starting supplements,  I literally feel like I have my life back. I've shown the supplements to my OBGYN and he told me to give compliments to the Herbalist for putting together such a comprehensive plan for my situation.  Last year we've added ALA for cancer prevention and heart health.

    Again, it's important to put yourself in the hands of someone who is knowledgeable and understands how these things work and can make a plan for you.  Even though you can just go out and buy supplements without a prescription, I personally do not recommend doing that.

    If you're concerned about the quality of a supplement, buy it at the pharmacy.  At least in Italy pharmacies carry ALA  it because cardiologists often prescribe it for preventive heart health. 

    I'm really curious to see how DECIEM  will use this "antioxidant enabler"  topically!!



    P.S.  That's some serious dermarolling machinery!!
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    i am a fan of this Australian brand called Australian Bush Flower Essences. Is that the one you tried? I will go checkout an herbalist/naturopath etc they have here... though i am on my plant based diet with my nutritionalist, i want to stick to it. If you think it is not advisable to start ALA on my own. I better listen to 1 who has been helping me so far.. too many cooks spoil the broth.

    I do believe flower extracts can work though i have not experienced it myself. 

    Menopause sounds scary. I will not survive the hot flashes. i am maybe 10 years away from that myself. phew. 37 now. 

    so pleased your health is better with the herbalist's help :D

    Health = Wealth

    Much more important than skincare!
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    They mentioned the concentration of the Buffet on their instagram somewhere between the comments:
  • @Peter wow source from the horses' mouth! Bravo!
  • I read the comments on the Instagram post.  Unfortunately, they don't clarify say if it's the combined Matrixyl 3000 and Synthe 6, or one or the other.

    Also, today I skipped the Buffet and went strait with the Vit C+HA and I got almost no "strippy yucky things" on my hands.  So... there must be some kind of incompatibility between products because now I think I was putting the Buffet on, and then rubbing it all off with the Vit. C + HA. :|

    Yes, preciousia, It is Australian Bush Flower Essences - I don't know which one it is in English in Italian it's roughly translated into "balance for woman".  Even that was worked into a plan and now I only take it as-needed. Usually only a few drops under the tongue. But when my mother-in-law was visiting I drank nearly half the bottle! :D


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    P.S.  I guess DECIEM really is overwhelmed. My first order shipped in 2 days, second order took 12 days to ship - and probably only because I sent an e-mail asking if there was any way to track the status of my order online to see if it had been shipped yet! Instead of getting a reply, I got a shipping notice. Thanks?  Should have written sooner!!
  • @pazzaglia
    For the 10% Matrixyl they also don't specify the relative amount of Matrixyl 3000 and Matrixyl Synthe 6. So the only thing you know is, if you like the buffet, it's not really neccessary to buy the 10% matrixyl.
  • AAaaaaah!  Oh well, better to know late than never.  

    I guess I will apply at different times in the routine - maybe the Matryxyl will play nicer with the 23% Vit C+ HA than Buffet! One can hope - and that never runs out over here. :)


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