Where are you guys?

Hey Perry and Randy,

It's been a couple of weeks now since your last show, what's going on?? We're all waiting for the usual awesome content you make! Hope to see you back again soon! I can't wait to listen to the next show, and I'm sure everyone else thinks the same!

Paul from France


  • Adding to the thread to say you guys are missed!
  • I miss you guys too. When is the next podcast?
  • Awww, you guys are making us blush! Thanks for the kind words. We're hoping to return to podcasting soon so stay tuned!
  • and please no more encore episodes, they were getting tedious.
  • The reason we used to post encore episodes is that it gave us a chance to attract new listeners even when we didn't have new content. I'm sorry if they were tedious to listen to a second time.  
  • Wanted to add my voice.The Beauty Brains is such an informative, thoughtful, humorous podcast. I've both your books, listen to the one on Audible and reread the other, and religiously listen to all the podcasts. In a sea of misinformation and biased bloggers, This podcast is refreshingly authentic.

    What you guys do takes work, energy and time. Just because you make it look effortless, I think some might see it as less involved and rigorous than I know it is. I hope you're enjoying some well deserved time off and sincerely hope you'll be back soon.

  • Thanks for recognizing that isn't as easy as some people think! And here's some good news - we just recorded another episode. Look for it next week. 
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