AHA's, BHA's, etc

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Just wondering. Unless a skincare product markets itself as a healthcare i.e. medical product, or makes wild claims, the FDA is unlikely to be involved. Is that correct? Then how do chemical exfoliants by-pass the time-consuming and expensive costs associated with getting approval. I hardly think that every AHA or BHA product sold, especially from these very small lines have the means and ability to go through the FDA.


  • This is a very gray area but basically it comes down to this: 

    The FDA gets involved only in drugs not cosmetics. The definition of a drug means that the product interacts with the physiology of the body; cosmetics can only cleans and affect the appearance of the body. 

    Exfoliants work on the surface of skin by removing dead skin cells. Therefore, they are cosmetic materials not drugs and they do not require approval of the FDA.  
  • I don't think it is an Accident that Australia doesn't have much AHA/BHA otc. because of the horrid sun here. Maybe it is more regulated here... i don't know. doesn't stop the consumer from getting it from overseas from MUAC for example
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