the Wet Brush -- hype?

I've been looking into better ways I can take care of my frizzy hair. So I've spent quite a bit of time reading reviews for "The Wet Brush" (brand name).  It gets so many rave reviews. There are so many claims that swear this brush is causing less damage, therefore less frizz. 

The thing is, I am so skeptical. Yes, I do understand that it has really flexible bristles. But unless you have the terrible habit of tearing the brush from root to end, I just don't see how it would make that big of a benefit.  I was trained to brush tangled hair super slowly (with a paddle brush) -- starting from the bottom and working up, being extra careful around bad knots. I find it hard to believe that the wet brush would do any better. seems like either brush would cause the same amount of damage if the same technique was used. 

Is there any science behind this brush I'm not getting? I'll buy it if it truly does what it says. I'm desperate to do anything for my frizzy hair. 


  • The website ( doesn't have much info about how this brush is really different so I can't tell you anything about the science. If they've somehow made a brush with some kind of low-friction bristles that slip through your hair more easily then I suppose the product could be better. There's no way to tell without more information or doing some testing. 

    It looks like they're relatively inexpensive (less than $10) so it might be worth a try.   
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