Is it OK to only brush my hair with my fingers?

I stopped using a boar bristle brush a couple of months ago and have instead been combing through my hair and untangling any knots with just my fingers. I comb my scalp to stimulate it as I've heard this is good for hair growth.

I would like to know if there's any reason why this might not be the most healthy approach for my hair, as I know that boar bristles and wooden brushes are meant to disperse oils through your hair; would I still be getting this benefit by using my hands?

Thanks :)

Ps Great podcast and blog, so glad I found it! 


  • Hi Dasch. So glad you're enjoying the podcast! 

    Friction is one of the most damaging things to your hair. If you can detangle/brush with your fingers you'll certainly reduce friction. I would expect the benefit from reducing friction would more than offset and loss of oil dispersion. (I don't have any data to prove that but that's my guess.) 
  • Fantastic I'll carry on then, thanks for the advice!
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