Coconut Oil for whitening teeth

Hi Beauty Brains,

I drink a lot of coffee and have been thinking about whitening my teeth. I've heard a lot about people swishing coconut oil around their mouth for around 20 mins for teeth whitening. I couldn't really find any articles on pubmed or similar databases so I was wondering if you knew anything of this method's viability.

I have coconut oil for my hair but I don't want to waste it if it doesn't really work.

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  • My understanding is that's a myth. But there's a LITTLE evidence that oil pulling or rinsing may reduce some types of oral bacteria. Not sure it's any better than good brushing and mouthwash though. 
  • Alright, thanks for the response!
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    I called my friend the other day and she was doing this :') I couldn't stop laughing - now gross! She thinks it work but it's not for me if I'm honest. I asked my Dentist in Warrington, Gavin, and he said he definitely wouldn't recommend as you might swallow a lot of it which is not good for you!
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