Counteracting alcohol with glycerin

Hi brains!

I recently noticed that my witch hazel contains 14% alcohol in it. I have a bottle of glycerin and wanted to know if adding some glycerin into the witch hazel can counteract the drying alcohol?

I tried researching this and just became more confused!
What do you think?


  • First of all, I'm not aware of evidence showing that occasional used of a product with that kind of alcohol level will really dry your skin. Second, glycerine is typically used at 1 - 5% in a moisturizing product so you'd have to add a fairly large amount. 
  • What about daily use?
    I don't mean adding 14% of glycerin to counteract 14% of alcohol in the product. But wouldn't some addition of glycerin (1-5%) help mitigate dryness by attracting water to the skin?

    I assume here that daily use of a product with 14% alcohol is drying.
  • Let me ask you this: why are you using this product in the first place if you think it dries your skin? I don't believe a witch hazel toner provides much benefit. 
  • I am using this because I see some difference in my pores (shrink em some) and i use it as a refreshing facial wipe after my workout (which is about 5x a week).

    My now smaller pores is the key reason I want to keep using witch hazel! Is this placebo?
  • I don't believe witch hazel is effective in shrinking pores but try this: Use the product on one half of your face for a week or so. Then ask several of your friends if they can tell which is the treated side. 
    That should help you decide if the product is really having an effect or not. 

  • okay! Thanks, Randy.
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