avobenzone and octinoxinate

I know that avobenzone is degraded by octonoxinate if they are in the same formula......

What if I apply a day cream that has avobenzone stabilized with octcrylene..then on top of that apply a mineral sunscreen that happens to also contain octinoxinate.  

Will my skin be protected.  


  • i thought people on here were informative and could anwer questions?
  • I'm sorry but it's difficult for us to answer every question quickly. I can't answer yours without doing more research. 
  • I guess it's very difficult to say. A "stable" formula is only a legal term, companies don't have to make a 100% stable formula. "To develop a sunscreen that conforms to today's legal requirements, it is not necessary to reach 100% photostability (Wypych, 2015)". If after 10MED still (I believe) 90% of the avobenzone is recovered, the company may claim it's a stable formula. I don't think the company is going to test how stable the formula is when an other product with octinoxate is applied over it. I once asked Avene and they couldn't guarantee than the nano titanium dioxide in my powder would increase degradation of the avobenzone in their sunscreen.
  • Thank you Peter!
  • Ive seen brands who combine the two in the same formula, there must be a good reason because you would think they would know better.  I thought Paula Begoun once said its no problem to use both ingredients together if they are in separate formulas, but not sure
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