Argan Oil Serums and Brassy Hair

Could silicone serums with argan oil stain hair and cause it to take on reddish/brassy tones? I have lots of added highlights and I use an argan serum with a golden color. Many of the argan serums have red and yellow dyes added to them. Could that be the cause or is it all in my head? 
I know one popular brand that sells an argan serum has an original version, and a "lighter" version for blondes. I don't notice much of a difference between both ingredient lists.


  • If you're putting a product on your hair with red or yellow dye it certainly could stain the hair. Especially if you're applying it to light hair and if the dye level is high and if the product is left on the hair. 

    Maybe you could try it on a little swatch of your hair the next time you get it cut. 
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