Can a primer prevent irritation from makeup?

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It's my only hope.  I can't find a foundation that doesn't irritate my skin anymore.  So I'm hoping that a primer will insulate my face from the makeup?  Is this plausible?


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    I would think it is plausible, but I will be interested to see what the Brains have to say.  :)

    Judging from anectdotal evidence on sites like it does work. But there may be no scientific evidence to back up the claim.
  • I'm intrigued. Consider this looked into. (Pardon the poor grammar.)
  • My grammar is out the window, Randy:)  Thanks for making it looked into.
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    I'm thinking one of the things that is bothering me with powder makeups is rough-edged particles (mica, say).  Not sure.  But I would think if that is part of it, then a layer of product between the powder and my skin should help.  I will let you know the results of my N of 1 experiment.  I have a number of primer samples at my disposal and plans to pick me up some monistat chafe lotion.
  • I remember someone asked Futurederm if primer can prevent bacteria from entering the skin but I forget what the conclusion was.
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    So I have the monistat chafe gel on the way from Amazon.  In the meantime, I tried a sample of a Laura Mercier primer under a powder makeup that irritates me moderately.  I did get some irritation, but milder, and my cheeks didn't look nearly as red when I took the makeup off.  The color went back to normal (no redness) within a few minutes of cleansing.  So I think it may have done something.  I am going to try next time with a powder makeup that is only mildly irritating when used without a primer.  I hope a primer might salvage it so I don't have to return it.
  • Sarah, I 100% cosign your idea. I would like to suggest trying a more siliconey primer too. Silicones can insulate the skin like they do hair and I've found them very helpful in the past. I don't usually get irritated by makeup unless it's very heavily fragranced, but I once overdid it with topical tretinoin and had to find a way to keep wearing makeup. Yes, even mineral makeup bothered by skin at that time, and the only thing that helped was using a very silicone based primer (at that time Smashbox was one of the only ones widely available). The Laura Mercier is almost like a silicone enriched moisturizer, so it may not be giving you the full primer protection benefit. Just a money saving tip, the standard Sephora collection primer is half the price of the Smashbox and pretty much the same in ingredients and effects.
  • Thanks Brainy!  I find the laura mercier primer okay, but not great (but it's just a free sample).  It did block irritation from my Jane Iredale mineral foundation, but it also made said foundation turn a weird color and texture:( I am awaiting my monistat chafe cream which is on its way to me from amazon.  I am afraid though because primers have given me acne in the past when I've tried samples.  Hoping it's just a coincidence, but I got a deep, painful pimple (very unusual for me) near my ear.  Can't remember if I spread the primer that far over but I'm paranoid;)
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