Is it true that washing your hair everyday is bad for it?

My hair looks greasy and just plain nasty if I skip a day so I don't but then I hear people saying its bad to wash it everyday and I am just wondering if there is any truth to this and if it applies to everyone.


  • I thought that more frequent washing and drying was harder on hair whether or not shampoo is used--just the act of wetting and then drying (especially with heat drying). But that doesn't stop me from washing daily because I hate the way my hair looks and feels if I skip a day.
  • Same here and I have heard the same thing but you would think most people would be wetting their hair to get rid of bedhead anyways?
  • Exactly! I have the world's worst bed head and the only way to get rid of it is a thorough wetting. Although this Axe product does a pretty good job in a pinch:
  • I knew a kid that washed his hair every night. He came to school with a horrible bed head and the kids have fun mocking it.
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