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Active ingredients and the sun

Hi Randy and Perry, Does Retinoic acid, vitamin A, Retinols, Retinoids, Retinol/id esters etc etc.. really make your skin more photosensitive? If so, do they all do so or are there some types that are more likely to than others.. and at certain percentages? Does Tretinoin really make skin more photosensitive.. or simply, more sensitive?.. (when you're 'acclimatising, your skin to it) I know AHA does make skin more photosensitive.. at least when it is on your skin.. does BHA? Do antioxidants actually stimulate collagen production? etc.. or do they simply help fight the free radicals in order for skin to maintain itself as much as possible? I guess they're doing most of their work at night time as you're not in the sun? Kind regards, Cass


  • I'm sorry I typed it so each question would be down a line but it's turned out to be all in one paragraph :neutral:
  • I can only really speak for the photo sensitivity from my own experience. When I was on tretinoin, I covered my face a lot and wore a sun screen. During that time was the only time I ever got 2nd degree sunburns. I was out kayaking with my sister, wearing a hat and I've done that a few times while on the treatment - I think on this particular day the sun might've been angled to where it still hit my upper lip or it was reflecting off the water - either way, the next morning, I had blisters on my upper lip. I don't normally sunburn - I tan.
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