Products with Similar Ingredient Lists

Can products with the same ingredient lists perform differently? If I were to compare 2 products from P&G, the only difference might be the inclusion of feature ingredients like botanical extracts. Still, it seems like one product performs better than the other. Is this possible or just in my head?


  • ejlejl
    edited May 2017
    I would imagine it's possible.. Even if ingredient lists would be identical, quantities of the active ingredients can still be different as far as I've understood. Like, a product could have 40% ingredient A, 35% B and 25% C, OR 60% A, 38% B and 2% C and ingredients list would still be the same (A,B,C), wouldn't it? I'm also interested to hear the answer and if I'm anywhere near, I have been chewing over the same question before xP
  • It is possible.
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